Why Us

We understand your first steps into fertility care can be overwhelming. Many people feel out of control and worried that they will be pressured into treatments they are not ready for. First Steps understands this and has created a space exclusively for women and couples just starting their fertility journey, those who are just interested in fertility testing and those who don’t need, want or are not ready for IVF. We are relentlessly devoted to providing lower tech, less invasive and less costly fertility treatments with compassion and integrity.

Flexible Appointments

Flexible Scheduling and Weekends Often Available

We also understand that the rest of your life does not stop for fertility or gynecologic treatments. Therefore, we offer flexible scheduling options with no cancelation fees. New patient consultations and testing can often be performed on the weekend.

We’re Available

Daily and Most Holidays for Necessary Appointments

Furthermore, because of the time-sensitive nature of fertility treatments such as ultrasound monitoring and IUI, we are available daily, including most holidays, for necessary appointments. 

Who can benefit from lower-tech treatment?

IVF is a remarkable and necessary fertility technology that allows many people to conceive and deliver healthy babies who may not otherwise be able. However, it is not necessary for everyone. Many people have success with lower-tech treatments such as ovulation induction, ovulation triggers, timed intercourse, and/or intrauterine insemination (IUI). 

Who's a good candidate for lower-tech treatment?

Women who are good candidates for lower-tech treatments are those who do not ovulate regularly (such as in the case of PCOS), those with male partners with mildly decreased sperm parameters who could benefit from IUI, single women, and same-sex female couples who aren't necessarily infertile but would like to conceive using donor sperm and heterosexual couples who experience female or/and male sexual dysfunction that prevents intercourse. 

Will lower-tech treatment work for me?

There are a couple of circumstances where lower-tech treatments will not be successful and high-tech treatment should be considered from the outset. These include bilateral tubal disease (both fallopian tubes damaged or blocked) and severely decreased sperm parameters: low sperm count, low motility (movement), and/or low morphology (normal shape). Additionally, some studies support immediately pursuing high-tech treatment for women 40 or older, however, this is something that can be discussed on a case by case basis. Other considerations when deciding on fertility treatments include time to pregnancy, cost of treatment, risk for multiples, desire for miscarriage reduction, invasiveness of treatment, and big picture family planning goals. We are happy to discuss all of this with you at a consultation.

What if I'm not a candidate for lower-tech treatment?

Our greatest wish is for you to have the family you desire. If you are not a candidate for or not successful with lower-tech treatment we will refer you to a facility that can help you with your next steps. There are several excellent fertility clinics in the Seattle area that offer high-tech treatments and we will personally help you decide which one may be a good fit for you and ensure your records are transferred.

Patient Experiences

Kind Words

I am forever thankful to Eliza! After going through a couple well known busy fertility clinics it was an absolute pleasure meeting Eliza. I wish I knew about her 2 years ago. Don’t waste your time and money on other clinics, if you want results, amazing doctor who actually genuinely cares about you and someone that will provide best care then call Eliza. If I could leave 100 stars I would. We love you Eliza!

~ Narina D.

I met Eliza when my husband and I were beginning our last Frozen transfer here in Washington but for our embryo and home fertility clinic in Texas. I called so many fertility clinics around and no one would monitor my transfer process here if I wasn’t doing the transfer here until I found Eliza and first steps. I am so glad I found her, her prices are affordable, she is a great communicator and super flexible in scheduling. I highly recommend her!

~ Hailey V.

Eliza is truly the kindest, most encouraging healthcare provider I’ve ever worked with. She is very warm and inviting, and I know that my care plan with her is 100% individualized and not some generic script like I’ve received at other clinics. She is also amazing at answering the thousands of questions I have every time I see her 🙂

~ Gloria F.

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